VFW Post 3925 1944 Erie Rd. Erie, Mi. 48133 (734) 848-8091
                                       Hall Rental Contract

                                                     Hall Chairman______________________________
                                                     Phone number_____________________________
                                                     Hall Guard________________________________
                                                     Phone number_____________________________

I (we), (Print name below), hereinafter called renter (s),

agree to pay the Erie VFW Post 3925, a security deposit in the amount  of $_______
toward the rental and use of the Erie VFW Hall on the     _______day of _________,
20_____, and understand that the full hall rental  fee  (Listed on page 2) is to be
paid by no later than one week before key to hall is received and is subject to the
conditions hereinafter described:

1.        I/We agree to vacate said hall no later than 1:00 a.m. on the night that it
       is used.  It is further understood that all foods and perishables are to be
       removed from the hall after its use by the above renter.

2.        I/We agree to assume complete responsibility for all damages resulting from
       willful or careless destruction of the property during rental period, and
       further agree to pay for any damages incurred.

3.        I/We agree to protect and save Erie VFW Post 3925 from any claims for
        injuries to property or person resulting from accident, negligence or other
        happenings on the premises.

4.        I/We agree that all food is served at the risk of the renter and that their
       guests and their welfare, health and/or service are exclusively the
       responsibility of the renter.

5.        I/We agree that the premises involved will be used only for legal and lawful
       purposes in compliance with all statutes and ordinances affecting the use of
       this hall.

6.        I/We agree to reimburse Erie VFW Post 3925 immediately for the
        replacement cost of any and all equipment damaged while the renter is in
        possession of the premises.

7.        I/We agree to protect and save Erie VFW Post 3925 from any claims for lost,
        stolen or damaged clothing and/or personal effects.

8.        I/We agree to protect and save Erie VFW Post 3925 from any claim resulting
        from automobile parking, entry and exit to and from the premises.  All cars
        are handled on lot at owner’s expense and risk and any persons so driving   
        shall be exclusive servant of the owner.

9.        I/We agree to protect and save Erie VFW Post 3925 from any claim resulting
        from the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors either prior to or
        after entering Erie VFW Post 3925 property.

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10.        I/We agree to refrain from tacking or taping decorations to the walls or
          ceiling.  I/We agree to remove any adhesive materials from decorated
          surfaces.  Use only established wires for decorations if needed.  No stapling  
          of tables, walls or any other property is allowed.

11.        The security deposit will be assessed at the time the Erie VFW Hall is rented,
          and will be refunded by mail within ten (10) days following the rental date,
          provided there are no damages to any of the Post’s property.  

12.        The rental organization or individual must clean up inside and outside the
          hall.  Papers, bottles and cans must be picked up and all decorations
          removed.  All equipment used must be washed/cleaned and replaced in
          original order and garbage placed in hoppers behind the hall.  Failure to
          comply will result in a $50.00 clean-up fee which will be deducted from the
          security deposit.

13.        Upon vacating the rental hall, said renters are to close all windows, turn off
         all faucets, shut off all lights and lock all doors.  The keys are to be returned
         to the hall rental chairman, or hall guard, no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day
         following the rental date.  Failure to comply with any of the above
         mentioned, will result in forfeiture of all prearranged security deposit monies.

14.        One (1) hall guard to be furnished by VFW Post 3925, to assist renter (s) in
15.        Cancellation of hall reservation less than sixty (60) days prior to rental date
          will result in a loss of one-half of the security deposit.  Cancellation of hall
          reservation less than thirty (30) days prior to rental date will result in a loss
          of the total security deposit.

In agreement thereof this _____day of __________20____ for the sum of

$_______ as the security deposit and the sum of $_________as the hall rental fee.

Erie VFW Post 3925 Representative signature


Renter(s) signature


Renter (s) address and phone number


Upon completion of function, hall guard will do a complete walk through
per contract with renter making sure everything is in order.  If all is
found in compliance, the security deposit will be mailed out to the renter
(s) within 10 days as specified above.


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