Men's Auxiliary Newsletter

                          News from Erie VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary

                                                  September 2016

Again this month, due to the lack of a quorum, an informal meeting was held on
September 8th. Several items were discussed however.

The final Men’s Auxiliary Lucky 100 drawing started on September 9th.

Our Golf Outing fund raiser was held on August 27th.  As in previous years, it was
successful with over $1500 raised.

We attended a Mud hens game on August 26th.  There was a great turnout with ten
+ people joining the fun.

Based on additional info shared by Post Commander Terry Rollins, Charters for Men’
s Auxiliaries will no longer be authorized after December 31st, 2016, not 2017 as
previously reported. What this means to us is that the Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary will
be disbanded by the end of this year. Any member is welcome to apply to the “Post
3925 Auxiliary” which now accepts men and women. Applications are available from
any Auxiliary member, in the Kennedy room, or by contacting LuAnn DuVall at (419)
346-7959.  Those of you who have paid for a lifetime membership will be
appropriately reimbursed.  A letter will be sent to all members within the next month
with more details.

Please go to for newsletters and to review the Post and Auxiliary
newsletters for other upcoming events.
Our next meeting will be Thursday October 13th 7:00 pm at the Post home on Erie
Road.    Hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,  

Dan Dusseau and Robin Terry