Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                       Men’s Auxiliary Monthly Newsletter

                                                   September 2014

We had 10 members present at the Sept meeting . Although the president was
feeling a bit under the weather he still rallied to conduct a most intuitive meeting. He
expects to feel much better at the next meeting .

We did not have any new members at this meeting, however, expectations are high
for future meetings.

The lucky one hundred began again on Friday Sept 12th and we are looking forward
to 10 exciting weeks of raffles and fun . Come and join us.

 The golf outing on Sept. 13th at Tamaron Country Club that John Cousino
organized and participated in was a huge success. Approximately 40 people came
out and had a wonderful time, although it was a bit chilly. There was a nice dinner
afterward to round off a great day of golf.

   We would like to thank John Conley for getting new carpets for the hall and
getting weed killer for around the building . It was much needed and appreciated.

    We would like to thank Ron Dragger for donating the tickets and everything else
at the Toledo Speedway. Everyone had a great time and it was greatly appreciated.

      There was $300.00 donated to the scholarship fund and we are sure that
someone deserving and in need will receive this.

        Ladies Auxiliary is having a card party Sept 17th contact Grace Connelly for
more info.

        Car Show put on by Bobby Lapointe and Post 3925 looks to be a blast .That will
be Sept. 20th at the VFW so bring out your cars and show them off . There will be
prizes and plaques to be awarded to the winners. It looks to be great fun with food
and drinks for the show. We can always use volunteers, please see Bobby for details.
          Bobby Lapointe came out and addressed our meeting and congratulated the
men’s auxiliary on our anniversary. A big thanks to the men’s auxiliary for all of the
work they have done.

           The Halloween Party is just around the corner Oct. 25th. So start thinking and
putting together a costume that will surprise and scare me. Some of you don’t need
a costume for that but wear one anyways.

           Social hour was a raving success . If you would like to attend you have to be a
member and come to the meetings . Fortunately for you, we are always looking for
and  getting new members.

R. Sulier