Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                     Aug. 14, 2014


Men’s Auxiliary Members,

We had 7 members present for our Aug. meeting.  Although I’m pleased we had
enough people for a meeting,  I certainly would like to see a few more ugly mugs out
there in the gallery.

Believe it or not I get a little self conscience talking to empty chairs. Although we do
seem to entertain ourselves.  Come and join us at the next meeting Sept. 11, 2014.

Scholarship applications are available through Frank Connelly .If you have a child
who is graduating and planning on college, this is a great opportunity for you to get a
little break on some of the costs.

Lucky 100 tickets are on sale and going fast.  See Frank or one of his representatives
for your chance at unbelievable wealth and happiness.

Golf outing discussed and a meeting will hopefully be this week to get more details
on this event.

I can tell you that it will be Sept 13, at Tamaron golf course. The cost is 50.00 per
person which includes steak dinner afterward at the post.

Lifetime memberships were discussed and voted on and passed. This is optional and
not mandatory. This will be implemented in December. It will be based on age. And
hopefully good looks. I’m thinking mine should be free if that is the case.

We also discussed sealing the wood and concrete in pavilion .Dan Dusseau will take
the lead on this.

SEPT. 13                           Golf outing
SEPT. 21                            Car show                       

My thanks to everyone at the VFW.

R. Sulier