Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         May 16,  
2015                                                          Men’s Auxiliary Monthly Newsletter

                You members don’t know what you are missing. Once again the meeting
was rousing if not just plain exciting. The meeting was a little sparse but surprisingly
full of merriment and fun. The only way for you to find out if I’m telling the truth is to
come and enjoy the festivities.              
                 There will be a ceremony at St. Joseph’s cemetery at 11:30 am followed
by a little luncheon  in the Kennedy Room afterwards .The auxiliary was asked to
carry some flags and participate in this memorial to our hero’s and relatives . It
would be wonderful if you could come out and help. There was also a motion on the
floor to pay for the food for memorial day and it was passed for the celebration.
                  The check for the Wounded Warriors was returned due to a type -o. We
decided to table the discussion until later. We are also looking at the Fisher House as
a possible Charity .                 

The golf outing is a go, so get your team together and lets get it on. Don’
t be afraid it’s all in fun .The date is August 22nd at Tamaron Country Club. It’s only
$55.00 a person and way to much fun. Forms can be picked up at The Jewelry Shop
or at the post. There will be a dinner afterward. Please come out and enjoy a
wonderful day on the course and have fun.
                      The lovely Marji Terry addressed our meeting to inform us of the
upcoming Craft Show put on by the Ladies Auxiliary on October 17th in the hall.
Booth prices are $30.00 for a booth and $40.00 for a corner booth .This is a great
chance to showcase all your projects you have been working so hard on. Mark your
calendar and get prepared.
                       The Women’s Auxiliary would also like everyone to know that the  VFW
camp trotter applications are at the hall in the Kennedy Room .This is for children 7
to 12 . It is a great chance to get the kids out of your hair for a week or two .Please
think about it. It is a cheap vacation for you.
                       The Lucky 100 sold out once again and the first drawing was Friday
Night. There was a good crowd and our first winner was the most deserving Mark
Dusseau  and unbelievably Red Sulier won the 50  - 50. I’m thinking of buying a new
house with my winnings .Please come out and join us.
                       Unbelievably they did not have to impeach me and we made it through
another year. There was election of officers at the last meeting and it seems we
have new smarter, better looking and more dedicated officers.

               President - Dan Dusseau                                      Senior Vice President -Jim
               Junior Vice President - John Cousino                 Secretary - Robin Terry
                Treasurer - Frank Connolly                                   Chaplin - Dennis Trease
             Trustees - John Connolly , Mark Dusseau, and Jamie Jablonski
                                                       Congradulations   Brothers

Sincerely     RED SULIER