Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                        Mayl 2014

News from Erie VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary

Our May 8th meeting was well attended with 12 members present.

The Lucky 100 drawing started on May 9th and will continue on Friday evenings
through July 11th.  Thanks for all the help with ticket sales, especially to Dan
Dusseau who sold over 30 tickets.  Come on out and join us.

We also talked again about future fund-raising ideas, such as a large raffle or
holding breakfasts on selected Sundays.  John Conley will be looking into a Tiger
baseball game bus fund-raiser.

Elections for Officers for 2014-2015 were held and these are the results:

President- Red Sulier
Senior Vice Pres.- Jamie Jablonski
Junior Vice Pres.- Horace Ardis
Treasurer- Frank Connolly
Secretary- Mark Dusseau
Chaplain- Dennis Trease
Trustees- C.J. Schwartz, Jim Dusseau and Robin Terry

We will be going to a race at Toledo Speedway on July 18th.  The tickets are free
and a sign-up sheet will be in the Kennedy Room soon.

If you know someone interested in joining the Auxiliary, there are application forms
in the Kennedy Room, or please see me or President John Conley.

Please go to for newsletters and other information and to review
the Post and Ladies' Aux newsletters for other upcoming events.
Our next meeting will be Thursday June 12th 7:00pm at the Post home on Erie
Road.    Hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,  
Robin Terry, outgoing Secretary, VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary