Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                          May 2013

                       News from Erie VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary

The May 9th meeting went well with 15 members present.  Good work guys!

The next Lucky 100 started on May 10th and will run for 10 weeks.  Jan Locy was
the first winner.  It will run for 9 more weeks.

Our Treasurer Frank Connolly is now home after spending a month in the hospital
and is doing great.  Glad you’re doing well Frank.  There is a group planning a benefit
to help Frank with his medical bills.  It will be on June 15th at the Post.

We will be going to a Toledo Mudhens game this summer, although no date has been
set.  More to come.

The 2013 Graduation breakfast is on May 19th this year.  Contact Dawn Shock if you
want to help out.  It is open to the public so you can attend if you would like.

The Dollar King poker room has officially shut down. We had scheduled several
sessions for this summer but they have been cancelled.

The State Convention is scheduled for June 7-8 this year.  If you are interested,
contact John Conley.  The Auxiliary will pay for two rooms for people wanting to go.

If you know someone interested in joining the Auxiliary, there are application forms
in the Kennedy Room, or please see me or President John Conley.

Please go to for newsletters and other information and to review
the Post and Ladies Aux newsletters for other upcoming events.
Our next meeting will be Thursday June 13th, 7:00pm at the Post home on Erie
Road.    Hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Terry, Secretary, VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary