Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
April 12. 2015
                             MEN’S AUXILIARY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER

Men’s Auxiliary Members ,

        We had another exciting action packed meeting that I know most of you missed
because attendance  was  a little lacking . We would love to see a few more
members show just enjoy the comraderie . We had 5 officers there and 7 thrilled to
be American members there . This is something you need to witness for  yourself . I
hope you can make the next meeting, because we have way to much fun.
A donation was made to the Wounded Warriors a very worthwile  organization . The
new lucky 100 tickets are on sale now and going fast .   So hurry up and get them .
The Christmas party was discussed and the band Bofo has been contracted to play .
The party will  be Dec. 12. 2015  and we are asking that you keep this date open and
attend . The band is great and the  party  is fantastic .
We are checking on the date for the Halloween party so you should be trying to
figure out who you are going to be to fool everyone .  Some of you don’t need
costumes because I feel you are already scary .  You know who you are .
There was also discussion on concrete repair by the entrance to the Kennedy room .
It is in  dire need of  repair .  John Conley and Dan Dusseau will take the lead on this .
When we find out  we will let everyone know and hopefully you can come out and
There was also a discussion on the annual cleaning of the Kennedy room . There will
be a
date set later . I hope you can come out and help . Any assistance would be greatly
apprieciated .
There was also a motion made to pay one of our members dues this year . They
have had
numerous health problems over the last year and we hope this helps .
We also had a very nice thank you letter from the Trease family  for the mother of
Denny Trease one of our members who passed away not to long ago . We wish
them all the best in the  days ahead .
There was also a donation made to the social hour which was accepted readily .
                                       THANK GOD IT’S SPRING FINALLY       GET OUT AND ENJOY

Thank you once again for listening to my ramblings