Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
March 12, 2015

                                    Men’s Auxiliary Monthly Newsletter

         What a winter. I have to suspect  that our low attendance at meetings was
due to the harsh winter and my comrades low tolerance of it and possibly an
occasional trip to Florida or what ever warm climate they could find.

We had 12 members at the March meeting and it was absolutely fascinating .  I have
to believe that we are missing the boat as far as a reality show goes . Although it
wasn’t quite the same without bird harassing me.

          Our guest speaker was Grace Connolly and she was there to inform us that
due to a lack of interest in the graduation breakfast it was going to be discontinued .
She was also there to ask the auxiliary to donate for the graduates key rings with
the members of VFW, women’s auxiliary , men’s auxiliary  and the Nights of
Columbus .

          We also discussed the recognition dinner and came up with a few ways to cut
some of the costs.

           I would like to thank Grace for all she does for the school and for the
community . It’s people like her that make Erie the place that it is . The place
everyone wants to live in .

          $110.00 was returned to the Hizak family for dues that their son Bob had paid .

           We had a few communications. A thank you from the Hizak family and thank
you from the post for the $100.00 donation to the wild game dinner . We were also
thanked for the donation to the VA hospital from the women’s auxiliary .

           One of our comrades Mike Ginther is in the hospital after surgery but the
prognosis is good. We wish him and his family continued progress in Mikes recovery.

            The Christmas party was discussed and the band BOFO is going to be
contacted to play , But we are going to need people to get out and push this party or
it may be the last . Keep this in mind come fall and I’m sure that we can make this
work .
            A discussion to form a committee to start to look at tentative dates for the
golf outing has been established . John Cousino has chosen to be chairperson of the
committee and possibly come up with some possible dates before the next meeting .

            The lucky 100 is once again coming to an end . Friday the 13th is not going to
be unlucky for someone. There is going to be at least one person thrilled  to win
$250.00 this Friday and $ 500.00 next Friday . Come out share in the occasion you
will have a blast.

            Halloween party was discussed and the likelihood of a band was discussed
and thought to be too expensive to make it work . It is still being discussed and will
be talked about at the next meeting.

            There was also a motion to approve of $250.00 donation to the wounded
warriors .

There really wasn’t much more than that except for the great time and comradery
we had as we spent some time together.

             I would like to thank everyone at the VFW  for all they do to keep this place
running and moving forward .     

Red Sulier

P.S.    get outside and enjoy the weather !