Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
Feb. 11th, 2015
                                      Men’s Auxiliary Monthly Newsletter

Men’s Auxiliary Members ,

        As you might have expected we had our Feb meeting last night and it was more
fun than anyone can possibly imagine. It turned out it was a round table discussion
with many meaningful insights . You people who are missing this don’t know what
you are missing . We had 8 members present the rest felt it was to cold to come out .
Please try to attend .
Members are fighting to get in on the deal to receive a lifetime membership . Don’t
be one of the last ones to get in on this . I think that you will find it worth your while.
The Lucky 100 is back and doing great . We have great fun and invite everyone to
stop by and celebrate the winners and of course the losers every week . We have
way to much fun .
There will be a meeting and discussion regarding the Women’s Auxiliary recognition
dinner  on Friday at 6:30at the VFW .
There was a motion made to donate $100.00 to the VA  hospital . The motion was
There was also a discussion on the golf outing and how well it did and can it get
better and if so how . John Cousino will be chairing this and can and would like any
and all help you can give.
We also discussed trying to reserve dates for the Halloween and Christmas parties
this year. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them .
On a rather sad note I would like to acknowledge the passing of Robert Hizak One of
our outstanding members . He will be missed by all of us and We would also like to
extend our condolences to Bob’s family and friends . We wish the best for them.
Once again I would like to wish everyone a great winter,
Red Sulier