Men's Auxiliary Newsletter
                                   Men’s Auxiliary monthly newsletter

    Once again we had a meeting with little turnout but at least this on we can
honestly blame on the weather.
It has been awfully cold out there so I am not going to blame anyone for not coming
out to the meeting ,but you
are missing some really good stuff. Really try to make the meetings there a lot of fun.
    The Christmas party was a success , not a great money maker but everyone had
fun. We discussed maybe
doing a dj instead of a band next year. If anyone has any ideas come to the meeting
and let us know what you
are thinking . We would love to have that input. We also discussed next years dates
for party.
    Muskrat dinner is coming up soon and there was a motion made to hire
bartenders for the party. The
dinner is on Jan. 30th. I hope you can come out and participate and help the vets .
      The lucky 100 has started again and the first week was a blast as usual . Try to
come out and enjoy a good
time with all of your friends
       Do to a couple of openings  We are happy to have Robin  ( bird) Terry  filling in
as senior vice and John
Cousino as junior vice .  I would like to thank both of these guys for stepping up .
       We also discussed buying a shuffle board table for the Kennedy room  a motion
was made to look into
purchasing one. If you have any ideas let me know
Thanks for listening to the Ramblings
Respectfully     Red Sulier