Men's Auxiliary Newsletter

                        News from Erie VFW Post 3925 Men’s Auxiliary

                                                     November 2016

Meeting held on November 10th in the hall with 9 members present.

The final Men’s Auxiliary Lucky 100 drawing was held on November 11th with the
$500 drawing. Joe Dusseau was the winner.  A large number were in attendance.  
The Auxiliary (NOT Men’s) will be continuing the Lucky 100 after the first of the
year. Their first drawing will be January 13th.  See a member for tickets or call
Luanne at (419)346-7959.

We are having a party for the Michigan / Ohio State football game on November
26th.  All members and guests are invited to attend.  Food and drinks are provided.  
Game starts at noon.

Discussions were held regarding end of the year donations and settling our “estate”
as our Charter is terminated.

Letters have been sent to all members regarding the dissolution of the Men’s
Auxiliary.  Make note of the reimbursement process for Life members.

Members of the Auxiliary will be available after our final meeting on December 8th to
help with applications if any are interested. Luanne is their membership chairperson.

Please go to for newsletters and to review the Post and Auxiliary
newsletters for other upcoming events.
Our final meeting will be Thursday December 8th 7:00 pm at the Post home on Erie
Road.    Hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Dusseau and Robin Terry