Men's Auxiliary Newsletter

                                    Men’s Auxiliary Monthly Newsletter

I would like to start off by reporting that we had standing room only at our
November meeting, but that would be a slight exaggeration . What we actually had
was more like 9 intellectually exciting superstars that took time out from there action
packed lives to share a little time with us average people . If you would like to be a
part of this, I strongly suggest that you make the next meeting on December 11th.

Right off the bat the men’s auxiliary and I would like to congratulate one of our
members ,the new county  commissioner Gary Wilmoth on his election victory. We
are proud to have Gary as a member of the auxiliary and a resident of Erie .
We would also like to thank Virginia Wernet and Gary Wilmoth for a donation of
$90.00 to the auxiliary.

The Halloween party was a lot of fun for those who attended. The band was great ,
The atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately we came up a little short of our goals
which was blamed on the presidents lack of intuitive. I guess we will try to do better
next year.     Foot note : We need to get rid of that slacker.

We also had some guests at the meeting to promote a fund raiser. Richard Jensen
and Paul Delyle. They are promoting decorative stones to commemorate our
servicemen . These are made of concrete and can be painted and stained . There
should be literature in the Kennedy Room if interested .

There is a Christmas committee meeting Monday 11/17 in Kennedy room at 6:30 .
We will be decorating 12/5 at 6:00 pm in the hall . Please come and help if you can it
really is kind of fun.

The Ladies auxiliary is also looking for a little help with the kids Christmas parade and
party . They asked if we could cook some dogs and help with the parade . We of
course would be happy to.

The ice machine is going to be ordered and installed at some time in the future and
when it is I will be thrilled to let you people know.

We are also looking to purchase and distribute men’s auxiliary 10 year pins . On that
subject we are also offering a lifetime membership that is hard to pass up . Think
about it.

Friday Jan. 9th begins the  next lucky 100 . Get your tickets soon . Frank and Bird
have tickets available. If you want that special number don’t doodle because I have
been trying to figure out which numbers seem to come up the most but I haven’t had
any luck as most of you know . Good luck.

Dues are due in January  so be aware .

One last thing is I would like to thank John Conley and everyone else who helped on
refinishing the floor and for everything else they do.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.