Auxiliary Newsletter

Hello Ladies,

Our August meeting was well attended with 21 members present.  We welcomed a
new member Rae Hempel, Lorissa and Dick Elinski’s daughter.  We also installed
Paige Stark at the same time as she was at her first meeting.  Welcome Rae and
Paige, so nice to have you in the group.

As you can see by the poster above we are moving on our big fund raiser for the
month of October. Crystal Siffert, reports that we have 8 spaces (tables) left.  
Please call her if you are interested in a space.

Kay Lynch, Veteran and family support chairman, received a package from a service
man. Yes you heard that right.  Usually she is the one sending the package.  Larry
Martin from Erie sent a picture of his ship the USS Essex and a thank you to our
organization.  We have put the picture on the mantle above the fire place in the
Kennedy Room, please stop and check it out.

Mary Joly, Americanism and Patriotic Instructor, reminds us to fly our flags on
September 11th for Patriot Day, September 17th for Constitution Day, and
September 18th POW MIA recognition day.

Dawn Shock reported that the Art and Wine Painting class went very well.  You may
have seen the paintings that were done on face book.  All that participated raved
about what a great time they had.  Another one is scheduled for November 9th!
Blood Drive is August 24th, Please make an appointment to give or stop in and lend
a hand.

If you visit or assist a Veteran in any way please let one of our chairman know, and
they can report that activity to our Department Officers for credit for our Auxiliary.  
We will be sending out an email list of the chairman so you can contact them that
way or just mail the information to the post and the chair will contact you.

I hope you are all having a healthy and happy summer!  Please read the other
newsletters for important information!                                   

Marji Terry      (734) 735-7404