Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                       August 13, 2014

Hello Ladies!

The August meeting was attended by 19 members not including the 5 new members
that were initiated that night!!  We are so excited to welcome Darlene
Andrzejewski, Ginger Burggren, Mary McClain, Mishka Terry and Tammie Myers!
Ginger is my daughter and Mishka my daughter in law. Darlene and Tammie were
brought in by Grace Connolly, and Mary McClain is my sister Joan Close’s daughter.  
I am so happy to have them in our organization.

I remember when I joined in 2000 at the urging of Evelyn DuVall.  The Erie VFW
Post is a huge presence in Erie and they needed new members desperately.  My
mother had joined the year before and recruited me.  I remember thinking it would
be great to spend more time with my mother one on one doing the bingo kitchen!  I
have really enjoyed being with her and family at the post.  Remember you can join
as a granddaughter of a Veteran.  If they have a young child they can bring them
into the meeting up to age 4.  Please urge your daughters to join.  My daughter
Ginger lives in Maryland, She will probably not make many meetings but there are
many ways to help, not the least of which is the $20.00 annual fee that helps out so

We have a blood drive coming up August 25th from 12 to 6 pm.  Sheila Santure is
making sloppy joes for the workers. We need help with set up and tear down along
with helpers at the drive.  Please let me know if you can help.

The new card party date is the last Wednesday in September 24th, more
information to follow.

The Post Car show is scheduled for September 21 with a rain date of September
28.  This is a lot of fun so please support this fund raiser.

Diane LaPlante, Cancer Chairman, reports that August is skin Cancer Awareness
month.  She is also collecting the names of Cancer Survivors to honor them as her
special project.  Please submit names of Ladies Aux. cancer survivors and the type
of cancer survived.

Our district meeting is September 27th in Tecumseh.  I urge chairmen to attend for
the school of instruction.  Dawn Shock will be driving and meeting at the post at
9:0 am if you want to ride along with her.

Reminder the College Scholarship drawing is August 22 at the Post 8:00pm sharp!!  
We will be giving 3- $300.00 scholarships to a member’s child, grandchild or great-

Thank you to Grace Connolly and Jan Locy for a delicious luncheon after the meeting!


Marjorie Terry