Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                          June, 2014                                                             

Hello Lovely Ladies!!

I am proud to be President for another year of our Auxiliary.  I am hoping this year
will be very productive.

We had our first meeting of the year June 11, 2014.  We were visited by our out-
going Commander, Ed Weaver, and our in-coming Commander, Mike Santure.  I
would like to thank Ed for a great year and give best wishes to Mike for the year to

Our Chairman this year:

Americanism/Patriotic Instructor – Virginia Wernet
Camp Trotter –Lorissa Elinski
Cancer Aid and Research- Diane LaPlante
Historian-Dawn Shock
Hospital-April Killian
Legislative-Sheila Santure
Membership-LuAnne DuVall
Scholarships-Grace Connolly
Veterans and Family Support-Kay Lynch
Youth Activities- Grace Connolly

They will need your help and support this year.

Please visit the web site at for information on happenings at the

You can also visit the State web site at  to report the work you
may have done for any of the committees and to see what is going on at the District
6 and State level.

Sheila Santure reported on the convention this year and brought back many awards
and money.   A big Congrats to Sheila for the past successful year and for achieving
all the goals!! I am proud to take the imaginary gavel from you!!!

National Theme this year: Patriotism Begins at Home
Department Theme this year: “Veteran’s Angels” Protecting Those That Protected

We have a lot going on this year and are thankful for everyone’s hard work and
devotion to our important cause!!!

This letter is getting a little long but a few more important points:

~Diane LaPlante would like the names of any sisters who are cancer survivors for a
special project.

~April Killian will be collecting dollars this year for the VA hosp. so the storage will
not be such an issue, so donate dollars in place of products please.  She will still
accept items if they have been purchased already.

~Dawn still needs any pictures for the Historian book, please have them developed
and in picture form.  

~Lorissa does have a camper by the name of Roberto for Camp Trotter-we hope he
has a wonderful time!!

The charter was Draped for our departed sisters:
Geraldine King and Margueite Evans, God bless and keep them.  

Marjorie Terry
Proud President!