Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter

                                                        May, 2013

Hello Sisters,

The May meeting was held on the 8th with 14 in attendance.

Special guest for the evening was Nan Spaulding, District 6 Americanism/Patriotic
instructor.  Nan attended the meeting to install the new officers for 2013-2014.

Sheila Santure, Veterans and Family Support Chairman, reported that Buddy Poppy
Days will take place at the end of this week and the weekend.   Members will be in
various locations in Erie and Temperance.

Hospital Chairman, April Killian, read a thank you letter from the Veterans Hospital in
Ann Arbor for entertaining the veterans with a special bingo night.  The loaded shoe
boxes, underwear, lap robes, walker pouches and monetary prizes were greatly
appreciated.  April is asking us to start the ball rolling for next year by bringing in
tooth brushes and tooth paste to the next meeting.

Camp Trotter – Names are still being collected for candidates to be entered in the
annual drawing to be held on Memorial Day.

Cancer Chairman, Diane LaPlante, reported that the new cancer pins will be
available soon.

Historian, Dawn Shock, ask the members if they had any picture that could be added
to the scrapbook.

Grace Connolly, Youth Activities Chairman, reported that scholarships and
Citizenship Certificates will be award this month to students from Mason Middle and
High Schools.  The Annual Graduation Breakfast will take place May 19th, 8:30 until
12:00 noon.  If you’d like to help, be there at 7:30 a.m.

Memorial Day services will take place at the St, Joseph’s Cemetery.  This year, Past
Commander James Conley, will be honored.  Be at the cemetery between 10:30-10:
45.  Please wear uniforms.  A potluck will take place at the post, following the

Members will be attending the Michigan Department Convention in June.  If you are
interested in attending, please contact me.

New officers were installed.  President, Sheila Santure.  Senior Vice, Marji Terry.  
Junior Vice, Dawn Shock.  Treasurer, Sharon Grodi.  Chaplain, April Killian.
Conductress, Virginia Wernet.  Guard, Kathy Judy.  American/Patriotic Instructor,
Stephanie Cherry.  Jan Locy was appointed Secretary.  Also, Dawn Shock was
installed as District 6 Chaplain.

Following are the committee chairs for this year.  Camp Trotter, Lorissa Elinski.  
Cancer, Diane LaPlante.  Historian, Dawn Shock.  Legislative, Marji Terry.   
Membership, Sharon Grodi.  Veterans/Family Services, Kay Lynch.  
Scholarships/Youth Activities, Grace Connolly, Dawn Shock. Trustees are: 1st year
Elizabeth Roper, 2nd year, Valerie Brazeau and 3rd year, Dawn Shock.

Please check out our website at  While there you can read the
newsletters of the Post and Men’s Auxiliary.  We’re also on Facebook.  District 6 also
has a page on Facebook.

The next meeting will be held June 12, 2013
Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn Shock, President