Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                           April 9, 2014

Dear Ladies,

We had a very busy meeting and I was the substitute for President Sheila Santure
who was out due to hip surgery! She is doing very well with this surgery. Please
keep sending prayers of healing to her.

We voted in all our delegates to District 6, State of Michigan, National and officers
for our Auxiliary.

Kay Lynch, Veterans and Family support brought in a lovely Poppy angel doll that
she made for mid-winter conference, it was beautiful!  She may be calling you to ask
you to sell poppies soon.

April Killian, Hospital Chair will have been to the VA hospital by the time you read this
letter.  She had over $2,000.00 in items and cash for the Veterans at the hospital.  
She was bringing homemade cards from the Silver Streakers 4-H Club to share with
our brave sons.  22 large afghans, 2 small, 50  walker pouches, 6 fleece blankets,
donations from the Post and Men’s Aux, and 40 boxes of items we have been
collecting for the last year and storing at Sharon Grodi’s home (thanks Sharon)!! A
big thank you to all who made the items and brought in the donations.

Stephannie Cherry Americanism and Patriotic Instructor, Reminds us that Loyalty
Day is May 1st. The theme is “Respect and Honor” and “Love of Country”. Please
remember our Veterans on that day with a special thank you!!!

Lorissa Elinski, Camp Trotter Chair, reminds us that we will be choosing a lucky child
with a camp Trotter week this summer.  Please submit your child’s name to her for a
drawing that will be at Memorial Day Event at the post.

Diane LaPlante reported that it is cancer control month.  Please be aware of your
health and get checkups regularly.

The Recognition Dinner for Teacher of the Year and winners of the Voice of
Democracy and Patriots Pen was a great success and very well attended.

Grace Connolly also reports that May 15, 2014 the VFW will be awarding 2- $100.00
scholarships at the Mason Honors Banquet and the recipients are Natalie Hempel
and McKenna Mathis.

We have a District 6 meeting on May 3rd in Ann Arbor.  Dawn Shock will be going,
please contact if you want to car pool.

The incoming officers will be posted on web site after installation at the May

Marjorie Terry ~ Senior Vice