Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
March 11,2015

Hello Ladies,

Our March meeting as on the 11th, with 16 members in attendance.

Veterans and Family Support chairman, Kay Lynch, reported on the new National
program, Changing Lives.  Later in the meeting it was voted on to send a  donation
for the cause.  She also held a raffle fund raiser.

Mary Jolly, Americanism/Patriotic Instructor, visited St. Joseph and Mason
Schools.    The National Anthem was composed on March 3, 1931.  She handed out
National Anthem bookmarks to the students.

It is now time to nominate children for Camp Trotter.  Get your names in to Dawn
Shock prior to the Memorial Day event for the drawing.  One student’s name will be
drawn and sent to camp this summer.

Cancer Chairman, Diane LaPlante, reported that the focus this month is colon
cancer.  Get your colonoscopy.  Next year there will be no cancer committee.  It was
felt nationally that the focus should be on the veterans.

Legislative Chairman, Sheila Santure, asked that it be reported to her any
correspondence you make to any government official.

Hospital Chairman, April Killian, reported on the annual Bingo Party for the veterans
at the Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital, April 9.  For anyone wanting to attend this
event, we will be carpooling from the post and leave about 5:15

Sharon Grodi, Membership Chairmen, talked about a special wall poster with
veterans and the auxiliary member’s names.  Report to her who you joined under
and what war they served in and what service.  Sharon also received a Department
of Michigan plaque for 100 % membership.

Grace Connolly, Youth Services Chairman, asked that any member who is available
on Monday, March 16, please attend the Mason School Board meeting.

The Patriotic Art award will be judged by the board.    This year there were 81
pieces of art entered.  From those, ten of the best will be judged for 3 place

Due to lack of interest, the Senior Graduation breakfast will not be held this year.  
Each year there have been less and less students attending.  The coin key chain will
be handed out at the Senior Assembly.

Elections will be held at our April meeting on the 8th.  Please come out and share the
honor of being an officer or committee chairman.

Other events in the making:  Recognition Dinner is to be held on Sat., April 11.  Hall
setup will be on Friday evening.  Members are asked to bring cupcakes.   

The Department of Michigan State Convention will be held June.  We will be
attending 5-6.  Anyone interested in attending let Dawn Shock know.  There will be
a Craft and Vendor Show at the post on October 17.  Applications will be available
Our next meeting will be held April 9.  Hope to see you all there.

Respectfully submitted:
Dawn Shock, Senior Vice