Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter

                                                                                                           February 13, 2014
Dear Sisters,

Certificates were distributed from the District 6 meeting to Sharon Grodi, 100%
membership; Kay Lynch, National Home donations and Buddy Poppy participation.

Kay Lynch has names and addresses of local soldiers currently serving.  Please help
Support Our Troops by sending cards and care packages.

If you happen to sew, 12” x 12” (Ditty bags) are needed (without strings). Any
color will do. April Killian will take them to the bingo party at the VA Hospital in Ann
Arbor on April 10. The Silver Streakers 4-H group have made some that were
displayed at the meeting.

All our chairman are in need of your help.  Anything you do, for Veterans and Family
Support, Hospital, Americanism, Camp Trotter, Cancer, Historian, Legislative,
Membership, Scholarships, Youth Activities:  please jot it down on a piece of
notebook paper, send an email, or text message. It also helps to include miles,
hours, and money spent.   All reporting deadline for this 4th quarter is April 18.  

The charter was draped for Elizabeth Roper and Catherine Dusseau.  This winter
has been rough on people, especially the elderly.  We have many members that are
ill, hospitalized, or had a death of a friend or family members. Please keep them in
your thoughts and prayers.  A simple hug or a card really helps them to know we

We are excited to have Rebecca Roper, daughter of Betty, join us as a new lifetime
member.  She is following the wish her mother had long asked her to do. She
purchased pies for after the meeting and they were a BIG hit.

A Thank – you card was circulated/signed for the Men’s Auxiliary for painting the
kitchen floor.  We would like to express our appreciation to them and their hard

I would like to thank Dawn Shock and Stephannie Cherry for the fabulous food after
our meeting.  Also, a big thank you to Sharon Grodi for picking up the pies.  

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:
March 3     Mason School Board meeting, 7 pm, Central Elem. (wear your scarf)
           We will present Patriotic Pen award to Michael Moss and Teacher of the
           Year, Terrence Davison, award from the District 6 meeting that they     
           could not attend.  
   12    Ladies Auxiliary meeting, 7 pm
April    5     Recognition Dinner, Doors open 5:30 pm/dinner at 6 pm $10.00

Submitted by:
Sheila Santure, President, Ladies Auxiliar