Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter

Dear Sisters,                                                                                           January 9, 2014

We held the meeting last night thanks to the brave souls who traveled on the ice
covered roads and the sub-zero temperatures. Everyone attending contributed to
making it a fun evening.  

Stephannie Cherry announced that Nan Spaulding, Americanism Dept. Chair,
thanked us for all the accomplishments that have taken place so far this year.
To promote the Americanism Program on President’s Day, Feb. 17, it is suggested
that she may dress like a US President.  (and she just might).  It is her program to
donate new flags and also we need help from you to be an advocate for the Call to
Action for Suicide Prevention.

Diane LaPlante is collecting Valentine’s items for the Dist. 6 Mid-Winter basket. She
distributed copies of the Jan. bulletin and a flyer on Cervical Cancer.

If you happen to have any photos of the Children’s Christmas party, please forward
them to Dawn Shock.  She needs them for the Historian Book. Dawn will soon have
tickets for a granny square afghan we will be raffling off.  Tickets are $1 ea or 6 for
$5. The drawing will be held April 5.

If you write to your legislators, please remember to make a copy for Marji Terry.
She needs them for the Legislative report. Marji reported Carson’s sent us a check
for Community Days.  We collected the most we ever have!  Marji’s cousin, Jackie
Jagielski, organized the remodeling of the ladies restroom in the Kennedy Room. I’m
not going to tell you what they did, you will have to stop in to see it for yourself.  
Thank you Jackie, and your crew.

Upcoming events:
Jan.  24-25  Mid-Winter Conference, Kalamazoo
Feb. 1           District 6 Meeting in Lansing Post 701
Feb. 12         Ladies Auxiliary meeting, 7 pm
Feb. 17         Post Blood Drive, 1-6 pm., Please let Eddie Weaver, Chair, know if you    
can make a dish/volunteer

Make a veteran your Valentine this year with a special surprise!!

Submitted by, Sheila Santure, President, Ladies Auxiliary