Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
December 10, 2014
                                                   December 10, 2014

Hello Ladies!

We had a good attendance for the December meeting and Christmas dinner at Erie

As I write this letter we are on the eve of “Santa comes to Erie”.  The parade is at
11:00 in Erie, with lunch and visit with Santa after at the Post.  We have the 40 & 8-
train coming to transport Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  Thanks to our Veterans and Family
Support Chairman, Kay Lynch, for getting many wonderful toys from the Marine
Toys for Tots program.  This should be a wonderful event.  

Also big thanks to Grace Connolly for all her work putting this and so many other
youth programs together!!  Please tell your children and grandchildren!

Americanism/Patriotic Instructor Mary Joly, conducted a program at the Jackson
Rd. School on the Flag.  She passed out 80 flags and pledge cards to the class.  
Excellent job Mary!!

Camp Trotter Chairman Lorissa Elinski, was absent but LuAnne DuVall is compiling a
list of our Camp Trotter life members, please contact her if you have one or are
interested in purchasing one.

Cancer Chairman Diane LaPlante, reported that it is Cancer related fatigue
Awareness month.  That includes the caregivers as well as the patients.  
Historian Dawn Shock, would like you to continue to send in your pictures for the
album she is always working on.

Legislative Chairman Sheila Santure, still wants to know if you are contacting
legislators on Veterans issues.  If you have please report on how that contact was

Membership is almost 100%!  We welcomed four new, reinstated, and transfer
members, Crystal Shiffert, Morgan Stark, Candy Kelly, and Janet Connolly.  It is so
exciting that we continue to grow.  We still have just a few who haven’t paid their
dues and we would really like to have them pay by December if possible.  Also if you
haven’t paid your cancer dues please send it in, this is paid in the annual dues but
the life members pay separately $3.75.

LuAnne our Treasurer reported that we really need more fund raisers.  She
prepared a 6 month look ahead and we have more going out than coming in.   We
have a Penny raffle that will be starting, as soon as we have the tickets printed!

Also a patriotic quilt raffle is underway.  It is beautiful!! License is being obtained
from the state and tickets will be printed.  The quilt drawing will be Memorial Day.

We are putting together a fund raising committee and will need people to help.  
Please let me know if you can help with this committee or have ideas that we could

The Teacher(s) of the Year have been chosen by District 6 and we have first and
second place!!  They are Christine Mercuiro from St. Joseph’s School and Maureen
Mazur from Mason Elementary.  Hooray for us to have such excellent teachers in
our town!!

We need white items for the Cancer basket for the Mid-Winter Conference.  
Examples like white chocolate; whoa this is a hard one!  White is the ribbon color for
Lung Cancer.   Kay Lynch and Mary Joly have constructed the poppy angel for the
Mid-Winter Conf.

I hope I haven’t missed anything.  It is a little hard to take notes and conduct the
meeting.  Please think of your Veterans and their families this Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!                                            
Marjorie Terry/ President (734) 734-7404