Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                 December 11, 2013

Dear Ladies,

We had our Christmas dinner before our meeting at the Erie Restaurant.  We really
enjoyed just talking and visiting with each other, something we don’t always get a
chance to do.  I am happy so many ventured out in this cold weather!!

As you can see I substituted for our President Sheila Santure at the meeting.  Our
prayers are with our brave President after her hip surgery, for a speedy recovery!

Kay Lynch encouraged us to report any assistance to a Veteran this holiday season.  
The reporting helps to keep The Ladies Aux non-profit status.  She sent off
packages to the troops with cookies, candy, puzzle books and other packages with
toiletries and first aid supplies.  Good Job Kay!!

April Killian thanked everyone for their donations to the hospital and asked that we
also report to her any help to Veterans this season.  If you are unsure who to report
to please send the information to more than one person, we will make sure it gets to
the right committee. Next month April will be collecting shaving cream and

Diane LaPlante made us aware of fatigue this month.  This affects cancer victims
and caregivers alike.  She read the “Santa Sharon’s check list” from the newsletter
and is happy to report that all on the list has been taken care of this year already!
Dawn requested that anyone who has pictures from “Santa comes to Erie” to send
to her for her Historian book.

I am happy to report that the meeting with Patrick Grzybowski, Lucas County
Council Service Officer, to answer questions that Veterans may have about
registering with the Department of Veterans Affairs, went very well last month and
we had 7 Veterans in attendance.

Sharon Grodi reports that we are 100% in membership!! She encourages us to keep
up looking for new members as we will need them next year!

Grace Conolly let us know that our local winner, Michael Moss, for patriots pen came
in first in the District, and will travel to Kalamazoo for a weekend in January and to
the meeting in February to get his awards.  Our Teacher of the year, Terrence
Davison, also came in first in the District.  

The “Santa comes to Erie” was a success as usual and there was standing room
only!! The Marine Corp Toys for Tots donated 140 brand new toys from Toys R Us!!
Thank a Marine!! Grace also packed up some shoe boxes with personal items for
Foster children of Monroe.

Diane LaPlante thanked the Fire departments, Erie and Morin Pointe, and Police
Department for participating in the Santa parade at the board meeting in Erie.

Dawn attended the District meeting and said the resolution to change the by-laws to
add great grandchildren to the eligibility for membership did not pass.  Apparently
this is something to do with the nonprofit status and the IRS requirements.  She also
reported that the Christmas tree at the Carleton VFW Post was something to
behold.  Just filled with POPPIES!! What a great idea!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
See you next Year!!
Marjorie Terry
Senior Vice