Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                      November 2016   

Hello Members,

What a wonderful meeting this month with nineteen in attendance.  

Key take aways from September’s meeting:

•        There will be a White Elephant Meeting at the December 3 District meeting.
           All proceeds go to Veterans and Family Support.  If you donate to the sale
           or purchase an item our auxiliary will receive credit for the 3rd quarter for
           Veterans & Family Support.
•        Theme for Mid-Winter Conference District Hospital Basket is “Michigan my
           Michigan”.  Let’s be thinking of a unique item “made in Michigan” for our    
•         Another healthy dose of home was sent to troops overseas.  Thank you to
           everyone for your continued support.  A special thank you to those packing
           and transporting to the Post and post office.
•         We only have a few pins (blue tear drop with combat boots) left.  They are
           $2 each and will support the hospital fund.  See April Killian for a pin.  We
           will be doing our annual Bingo event at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital next
           April.  Details forthcoming.
•        Though elections are over we need to continue our correspondence with
           our representatives. Michigan bills contact and
           for Senate
•         Dues must be received by LuAnne by Dec 15th. Dues must be paid by then
           to remain a “member in good standing.” If you are thinking of becoming a
           life member, now is the time before life membership increases in January.
           Always keep recruiting in your mind.  We need six new members for 100%.
•         “Sign Up Night” will be Dec 8th after the Men’s Aux 7:00 pm meeting. We
           will be taking applications for new members. As a reminder, Step and
           Foster children of an eligible Veteran can join the Auxiliary.
•        Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen winners were chosen October 31st.
          First place winners have been sent to the District level for a chance of
          additional winnings.  Congratulations to all!
•        Lucky 100 will begin January 13th.  See LuAnne DuVall (419) 346-7959 or
          visit The Jewelling Shop if you would like a ticket. This is a new fund raiser
          or the Aux. Tickets are $20. Only 100 tickets are sold. It is a 10 week
          drawing held each Friday 7:00 pm in the Kennedy Room. (Due to the
          Muskrat Supper there will not be a drawing Jan 27th.) All 100 tickets
          remain in the drawing for all 10 weeks. A $100 winner will be drawn week
         #1 through #8. A $250 winner will be drawn week #9 and, a $500 for week
          #10. Need not be present to win. Come on out for some fun and visit with
          other members. Bring a snack/appetizer.
•        RADA Cutlery fund-raiser. If you are ordering as Christmas gifts Sharon
          Grodi needs orders by November 26 to receive delivery in time. They offer
          very nice cutlery, seasonings and more. Contact Sharon (734) 848-4893 if
          you would like to browse a catalog.
•        December 14th Auxiliary Christmas Party at 6 pm.  Bring an appetizer for
          our social hour.
•        We are collecting donations for the 2 teenage “Walker Boys” of Erie, who
          lost their parents in a motorcycle accident this past Summer. “Santa” will
          give them our gifts Dec 10th when he arrives at our X-mas party. Contact
          Shelia Santure (734) 497-4268 for info. She has their “wish list.” Let’s try
          to give them a good Christmas during this difficult time without their
•        The Holidays are fast approaching. It can be a very difficult time for the
         lonely and homeless. They need our attention, prayers and thoughts to
         know that someone cares and is thinking of them. Also, pray for our
         deployed Veterans who will separated from their families during the Holiday

Important upcoming events:
                  •        December 3rd: District 6 Meeting; Ann Arbor Post 423
                  •        December 10th: Santa Comes to Erie
                  •        January 27th: Muskrat Dinner
                  •        February 13th: Blood Drive

A Happy Thanksgiving to All and your family!

Sincerely Darlene Andrzejewski