Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                       October 9, 2014

Hello Ladies!

The October meeting was attended by 22 members, and one guest, District
President Sharon Meredith.   She was there for our yearly inspection and we did
very well.  She said in the report that “This is a very good working Auxiliary.   All
work well together.  They do lots of fund-raisers and all reports given timely.”   
Congratulations to all you hard working people!!!

Veterans and Family Support Chairman Kay Lynch, reports that she is sending out
troop care packages and they would like items for the military dogs included in the
boxes.  She has received donations from a local church and money for postage.  She
also spent time at a school to instruct about the Pledge and the Flag.

Americanism/Patriotic Instructor Mary Joly, reported on the recent “Hero’s Parade”
in Monroe.  She was lucky to ride on the 40 and 8 Train with local veterans and pass
out flags.

Camp Trotter Chairman Lorissa Elinski, reported that there were 310 campers this
year at camp.  They are looking for workers to help get the camp ready for closing
in early November.

Cancer Chairman Diane LaPlante, would like us to know that it is Breast Cancer
awareness month.  Please schedule your check up or as Diane calls it your

Historian Dawn Shock, would like you to continue to send in your pictures for the
album she is always working on.  It is looking really good.

Legislative Chairman Sheila Santure, wants you to get out and vote November 4th.  
Grace Connolly announced that our own sister Virginia Wernet (Conductress) is
running for the school board as a write in candidate.

Membership Chairman Sharon Grodi, reports that we are 97% in membership.  The
sooner we are 100% the better.  I know it is confusing to see the year start in July
and end in June but that is the way it is.  We do not run on a calendar year.

Life members need to remember to pay their cancer due’s which is, $3.75a year.   If
you have been an Angel and paid someone’s dues you can be entered in a prize
raffle at the mid-winter conference.

Scholarship and Youth Activities, Grace Connolly, has distributed a folder with cover
letter and folders to all the English teachers at Mason middle school, high school and
St. Joseph’s Catholic school, for the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen contests.  
She met with the principals and explained the programs.  She will pick up the essays
on October 31, and judging will be on November 3rd at 6:30 in the Kennedy Room.

The Teacher(s) of the Year have been chosen. They are Maureen Mazur from
Mason Elementary and Christine Mercuiro from St. Joseph’s School.  They will both
be sent to District 6 for the next level of judging.

Santa comes to Erie on December 13, 2014.   Be sure and save the date!

The card party made $151.81, even though we had very low attendance. We will try
again on a Friday next year!  

The Veterans Day dinner is November 8th 2014.  We have been asked to provide
the appetizers.


Marjorie Terry/ President (734) 734-7404