September 4, 2013                                                                     Next Meeting October 2, 2013

Our September 4 meeting got started very close to being on time, we had 16 members
present 6 of them Past Commanders.

Some old business was discussed, some important changes to the Post Roster and past
along some good information.

Due to the work schedules of Chris Stark and Roger Williams, they felt a switch of positions
would be beneficial to them both.  The switch was made, Roger Williams is now our
Chaplain and Chris Stark is now the Post Advocate.  Please welcome them to their new

Comrade Jim Cherry discussed several issues. First, the shirt he is designing. He should
have a sample patch and shirt to show us at the next meeting. Second, the
Forms for the
History Book will be available in the Kennedy Room and on line at our website. Third, a
Phone App is available for Applications for new memberships to the Post.

A drawing for the College Scholarships was August 16 in the Kennedy Room. The Winners
were. Krystal Dazey granddaughter of Kathleen Judy; Michael Mominee grandson of
Marcia Momimee and Jacey Schultz granddaughter of James Dusseau.

The August 23 Card Party went very well, we had a pretty good turn out and everyone
had a very nice evening.

The August 26 Blood Drive was a success. Watch the Newsletter for the next Drive.

Keep Sunday September 22 in mind for the First Post 3925 Car Show, in our parking lot  
(weather permitting).

The Erie Mason Football Schedule is posted on our website.

If you know a Serviceman or Woman who is either going to or returning from an overseas
assignment or if you have a message that needs to be posted on the marques, leave me a
message on my home phone 734-242-8045.

Looking forward to seeing you at our October 2  meeting.

Eddie R. Weaver, Commander  
Commander's newsletter