July, 2015                                                                                          Next  meeting : Aug. 5, 2015

Hello Comrades,

 I held my first meeting as Commander July first. With everyone’s help, we “got  ‘er done”.
Thank you for your guidance.  We had 16 comrades present.

 We discussed cutting down the two trees next to the Post, since a large branch fell on the
house next door during the storm Saturday. Mike Santure, Eddie Weaver, Jack Cousino, the
neighbors, as well as myself worked in the wind and rain to remove the smaller branches
from the main branch that fell. The neighbor paid Erie Tree Service to remove the main
branch from the house. We will be reimbursing her for some of the damages.

We had a visitor, Jason M. Sheppard, attend the meeting. He presented a plaque for
special recognition to the Post from the State of Michigan. It will be displayed in the
Kennedy Room.

Jim Lynch’s grandson, Jeremiah Cousino, won a trip to Camp Trotter. Congratulations

Chris Stark furnished delicious pulled pork as well as chips and pickles for the after meeting
meal. Thanks a lot Chris.

The 4th of July is here. Be sure to take the time to thank our military personnel and fellow
veterans for all they are doing and have done to maintain our independence in this great
nation, the United States of America.

  I’ll be looking forward to seeing even more of you at our August meeting.

Terry Rollins: Commander
(734) 848-8664
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