July 2014                                                                                   NEXT MEETING:  August 6, 2014



We had a good July meeting even though we had a small turnout.  I hope the turnout is
because it is the beginning of summer and not because I’ m back as commander.  Hopefully
the numbers pick up a little.  I would like to see at least 20 members per meeting.

A motion was made to have another car show this year.  It will be Sept 21st with the 28th
as a rain date.  Past Commander Bob LaPointe is chairman for this event.  If anyone would
like to help, enter a car or donate a door prize get a hold of Bob.  There will be more info
coming next month.

A motion was made to look into the possibility of getting some solar panels to off-set some
of our electricity costs and possibly an investment.  Comrade Chuck Bagwell is taking point
on this.  Chuck has 20 panels at his house for his private use.  If you would like to help or
want information on what we are doing or if you would like info on some panels for yourself
you can get In touch with Chuck at

We had 2 funerals before I even had my 1st meeting.  They were for 2 non-members who
were veterans.  We only had 8 members show up for the 1st and 9 for the 2nd.   We used
to always have 15 to 20 members show up.  Over the last few years we had several of our
older members pass away and 3 or 4 that can’t make it because of their age which accounts
for our low showings.  To have a good service it is nice to have 14 or more members.  Giving
military honors to veterans is one of the most important things we do.  You realize that
when you see how appreciative the family is.   We certainly could use more help.  If you can
help, give me a call at (734) 243-1646 and I will get you on the call list.  We usually only
have 10-15 funerals a year.  This isn’t bad seeing as Monroe average 1-2 a week.

The gun raffle is over and went well.  The final numbers will be in and reported at the
August meeting.

As usual if you know of a serviceman or woman who is coming home or deploying let me
know and we will post their name on the marquee for a few days.

We had pizza after July’s meeting.  Next month Dave Toepfer is bringing the food so make
sure to be there.  Dave always goes out of his way to have a good meal for us and his
feelings may be hurt if we don’t have at least 20 members at the meeting.

Hope to see you Aug 6
Mike Santure: Commander                                                                                                  
(734) 243-1645
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