July 2013                                                                                           Next Meeting August 7, 2013  

Our July 3rd meeting got started a little late and was a little confusing, but it turned out to
be a pretty good meeting. We had fourteen members present with four past Commanders
in the group.

The Charter was draped for Comrade Nelson Merce, who past away June 24, 2013.

A Power Chair  was donated to the Post by Lenni Alienious and his wife. The chair is in very
good condition and will be stored at the Post until a Comrade or a member of the Post
needs to borrow it.

Application for College Scholarship forms are pinned to the cork board on the south
wall of the Kennedy Room (or printed from this
link). Completed forms may be placed in
the mail bin on the east wall of the Kennedy Room, beside the popcorn popper. Three
applicants will be drawn at 8:00 PM August 16, 2013, a Friday night.

Comrade Jack Cousino made a motion and it was passed,  to replace the post only on the
split rail fence at the east edge of our parking lot.

Comrade Bob Lapoint made a motion and it was passed, to hold a Car Show September 22,
2013 at the Post. There will be more information at the August 7th meeting, be sure to be

Our Webmaster Chuck Bagwell has added  a Newsletter Archive to our website, check it
out. Thanks Chuck.

If you kow a Serviceman or woman who is either going to or returning from an overseas
assignment  or have a message that needs to be posted on the marques, leave me a
message on my home phone 734-242-8045.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting August 7

Eddie Weaver, Commander                                                     
Commander's newsletter