JUNE 2015                                                                                     NEXT MEETING:  JULY 1, 2015

We had around 20 members at our June meeting.  It was nice and short with snacks and
drinks afterwards. The president and treasurer of the ladies auxiliary addressed the
membership.  They are having a craft show on October 17.  If anyone would like to rent a
table contact the ladies.

Memorial Day went well.  The weather was good and we had around 75 people at the
services at the cemetery and around 150 show up to eat at the hall afterwards.  A big thank
you to everyone who attended and all that helped.

The poppy sale went well though we could have used more help.  We brought in almost a
$1000 which goes into the relief fund to help veterans.

The trip to Camp Trotter was won by Jeremiah Cousino the grandson of Jim and Kay
Lynch.  I’m sure he will have a great time up there.

We will be raising the flag at Mason High School on June 19th.  There is going to be an all
star football game.  We could use help.  Be there at 6:45 wearing your hat and white shirt.

I am writing this the morning of June 4th and it should be on the website today.  I’m sure by
the time most of you read this, the convention (June 6th) will be over and our new officers
will have taken over their duties.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me the last year
and to the new officers stepping up this year; especially Terry Rollins for taking over as
commander and Tom Merce for being quartermaster.

A special thanks goes out to Kelli Chambers.  She has been the quartermaster since June
2011 and one of the main reason our post runs as well as it does. To my way of thinking the
quartermaster is the most important position in the post.  Not only does he (or she) have to
keep the books balanced, handle all our finances and pay all the bills but is also responsible
for keeping the membership roster updated and doing most of the stupid reports that
department thinks are necessary.  In fact this last year I did not agree to become
commander until I was sure Kelli was staying in one more term. THANKS KELLI !!!          
Terry hopes to see you July 1st.

Mike Santure: Commander (past)                                                                                  
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter