May 2013                                                                                                NEXT MEETING:  June 5, 2013



We had a real good turnout at our May meeting with 24 members present. Nine past commanders
were present which is great!  Jim Cherry brought in venison sloppy Joes for after the meeting.  

The new officers were installed and will take over their duties on June 8th, after the new Department
Commander is installed.

A big thank you to all the incoming officers (especially commander elect Eddie Weaver) who stood up
to run the post next year.  It is nice to see so many new faces taking responsibility.

Next month is my last meeting.  I was proud to serve as your commander and would like to thank
everyone for their support. Let’s try to have a big turn out next month.  I’ll buy the drinks after the

We will be putting flags out at the cemeteries on May 25.  If you would like to help, be at the post
around 8:45 Saturday morning.

Memorial Day services will be at the grave site of past commander James Conley at St. Joseph
Cemetery.  Be there between 10:30 and 10:45.  Wear your uniforms.  There will be a cook out at the
post afterwards.

We will be having another Texas hold-em on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  As always we could use some
help.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Kennedy room.

There was a motion to share the revenue we receive from Texas hold-em.  There was quite a bit of
discussion: with the pro side saying the auxiliaries do a lot for the post and deserve it.  The opponents
said that the post pays for 100% of water, electricity, gas, cable, phone and all major repairs and
need the income.

The motion passed by 1 vote.  We will be splitting our poker income equally between the post, mens
auxiliary and the ladies auxiliary.

As commander, I run the meeting and remain impartial and try not to sway the vote either way.  
However, as I only have one more meeting, this is my last newsletter and the vote is already over I
am going to share my opinion.

An auxiliary to an organization is formed to help the parent unit with labor and funds.  Our auxiliary
members are recognized for their help by having full access to the post including the Kennedy room
and being able to rent the hall at members rates.  For the post to give funds to the auxiliaries is not
only defeating their purpose but is like the tail wagging the dog.  That is my opinion, but as always,
we will abide by the wants of the majority.  (Note, from Webmaster:  Leland Cousino wanted to add
his name in support of Commander Santure's comment above).

Don’t forget to tell me if you know of any service member who is either going or coming back from
overseas.  We will post it on our outside marquee.

Hope to see you June 5
Mike Santure
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter