March 2014                                                                                       NEXT MEETING:  April 1, 2015



We had 14 members at March’s meeting.  Don King from Solar King solar panels gave a
short presentation on the use of solar panels to help reduce our electric costs.  We voted on
it and decided not to put any up at this time.  If anyone would like information for their own
use contact our web-master Chuck Bagwell.  After the meeting we had a very fine meal of
pork chops, potatoes, green beans and cupcakes brought in by Dave Toepfer.  As usual it
was delicious THANKS, Dave!

We had nominations for officers.  Most positions have at least one candidate and we should
be able to fill the rest.  The nominations stay open until next month when we have
elections.  There are still a few offices open so If you would like to run for a position and
won’t be able to make next meeting let me know so you can be put in the running.  It would
be nice to see some new faces.

You may have noticed on the marquee that we welcomed home Tyler Rossi from
Afghanistan.  He had served with the army rangers.  If you know of any one coming home
or being deployed please let me know.

At the district meeting we were told that the Michigan Overseas Veteran (MOV) will go
digital.  To continue to get it in the mail you will have to send in a form.  To get it on line, you
will have to give department your email address.  You should get more info in the next issue
of the MOV.

Our joint recognition dinner for teacher of the year, patriot pen and voice of democracy
winners will be April 11th at 6pm.

Remember April is elections and we normally have pizza afterwards.

Hope to see you April 1st
Mike Santure: Commander                                                                                          
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter