February 2014                                                                             NEXT MEETING:  March 4, 2015



I knew ahead of time that the February meeting was going to have a few members absent
due to sickness and vacations.  But then the weather acted up so we had even fewer.  We
did have 10 members attend so the show went on.

The charter was draped for 2 members.  Joe Walentowski and August Rahe were

We did four funerals in January.  We still are in need of help.  One of the funerals only had
enough members to fire 2 rifles.  

The muskrat dinner went well with over 125 people attending.  We made a decent profit.     
Everything went smoothly.  Our Jr. Vice, Larry Chambers was chairman and as usual men’s
auxiliary member Joe Dusseau was in charge of the cooking.  I am not going to name
anyone else specifically because there are so many and I do not want to omit anyone.  I will
say to everyone that helped THANK YOU!!! Job well done.

We still need members to hall guard and do hall clean up.  There is compensation for this.  If
you are interested, call Chris Stark at (734) 625-6640 or Dave Toepfer at (419) 726-1905.

There will be a blood drive February 16th donate if you are able.

Next meeting we will have nominations for officers with the election at April’s meeting.  We
need people to step up.  These jobs are not hard or very time consuming but the chairs
have to be filled.  So please consider taking a position.

At the district meeting we were told that the Michigan Overseas Veteran (MOV) will go
digital.  To continue to get it in the mail you will have to send in a form.  To get it on line, you
will have to give department your email address.  You should get more info in the next issue
of the MOV.  If not I will try to keep you updated.

Hope to see you March 4th

Mike Santure: Commander                                                                                                             
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter