January 2015                                                                        NEXT MEETING:  February 4, 2015



We had about 15 members brave the single digit weather to attend January’s meeting.  

The senior vice rewarded us with a great spaghetti dinner afterwards.  THANKS! Terry.

The muskrat dinner is fast approaching.  As usual we need help.  We will start cleaning rats
around 8:30 on January 29th.  We are usually done by noon or a little after then we have a
jigs dinner.  

On Friday the 30th we will have breakfast around 8:30 then get everything in the roasters.  
This is usually finished by noon.  About 5:15 we will need people to help serve and do dishes
etc.  All help will be appreciated.

The muskrat dinner is January 30th at 6pm.  The cost is $20 and includes draft beer and
pop.  If you need tickets call me at (734) 243-1645.

If you have anything that we can give away as a door prize or something we can use in our
silent auction please let me know.

As most of you know I am still living in the stone age and don’t own and don’t want to own a
cell phone.  I have been told that we can be liked on face book (whatever that means). Our
face book page is Erie VFW post 3925 and its auxiliaries.

We had a funeral for a non-member a couple weeks ago and only had seven people!  Please
call me if you would like to help.

We need members to hall guard and do hall clean up.  There is compensation for this.  If you
are interested, call Chris Stark at (734) 625-6640 or Dave Toepfer at (419) 726-1905.

If you know any service member who is coming home or deploying please let me know so I
can post it on our outdoor marque.

Hope to see you February 4th

Mike Santure: Commander                                                                         
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter