December 4, 2015                                                                         Next meeting: January 6, 2016

Hello Comrades,

  There were 17 members present for our meeting. Seven were past commanders. Tom
Sancrainte provided a delicious meal. Thanks Tom.

  We had visitors from the Disabled American Veterans organization come to the meeting.
They asked about the possibility of renting our hall for their monthly meetings. When we
discussed this possibility afterwards, we decided that they need to provide us with an
agenda and purpose of their organization. Once they have done that, we could give them a
3 month trial and see how it goes from there.

  Dick Brazeau mentioned that the president of the District 6 auxiliary is bringing her
husband to our auxiliary meeting on Dec. 9th. We thought it would be a nice gesture if some
of us could be present to keep him company while the meeting is being held. Let’s try to
have a good showing and show him our hospitality. The meeting is at 7pm.

 Our meetings seem to have been very productive. With everyone’s support, they will
continue to be that way.

  Tom Merce is ordering more Post baseball caps since people have been requesting them.
Thanks Tom.

 The gun raffle was discussed. Terry would like all tickets accounted for by Jan. 1st. There
are people looking for tickets, so if you have some extra, please let Terry know (734-848-
8664), or Dick Brazeau (734-848-4784).

We would like to see even more of you at our next meeting. As commander of our post, I
would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year.
                                                                                                             Terry Rollins
Commander's newsletter