December 2014                                                                      NEXT MEETING:  January 7, 2015



We had 20 members at December’s meeting which is pretty good considering we had 3
regulars who couldn't make it.    

There was quite a bit of business and the meeting went an hour and 5 minutes.  I always
try to keep the meeting under an hour so next month I’ll shoot for 55 minutes to average

We had chicken and a vegetable dish after the meeting that everyone enjoyed.
We initiated a new member.  Thomas Sancrant is a 20 yr. marine veteran who served
deployments in the mid-east.  Be sure to make him feel welcome.

The charter was draped for life member Robert Blair, a WWll navy veteran.  Until the last
couple of years Bob made most of the funerals and he will be sadly missed.

We did graveside services for Bob.  14 members were present.  This is getting better,
though we still had a couple of members that had to double up on duties.  We always need
help at funerals so let me know if you want to be put on the call list.

The muskrat dinner will be January 30th.  As usual we will need help.  We can also use items
for door prizes and silent auction.

We need members to hall guard and do hall clean up.  There is compensation for this.  If you
are interested, call Chris Stark at (734) 625-6640 or Dave Toepfer at (419) 726-1905.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Remember, there are many
of our troops that won’t have as happy a holiday as we do.

If you need a New Year’s resolution; you can resolve to make more V.F.W.  meetings and

Hope to see you January 7

Mike Santure: Commander                                                                                                          
(734) 243-1645
Commander's newsletter