December 4, 2013                                                    Next Meeting Thursday January 2, 2014


The December 4 meeting started at 7:00 P.M.  with 19 members present, 6 of them Past
Commanders. The meeting went pretty quick, no new business or old business was

Service Officer Ed Simpson reported the V.A. Hospital is increasing the Staff size.

Junior Vice Dick Brazeau announced he has scheduled a Muskrat Dinner Planning Meeting
for Wednesday December 11, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.

The order forms and money for the Post Shirts was turned in so Senior Vice Jim Cherry can
place the order and get the shirts coming.

District 6 Meeting is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. Saturday December 7, 2013 at Carleton VFW
Post 4093, 700 Carleton Rockwood  Rd. Carleton , Mi. Anyone wishing to attend and ride
with me leave a message on my home phone.

The annual Erie Christmas Parade starts at 11:00 A.M. Saturday December 7, 2013 at St
Joseph School and ends at the Post, followed by the Christmas Party.

A Mason School Teacher would like to have a VFW Member attend her class and answer
questions her students have about the military. Anyone interested get in touch and I will let
you know some of the questions they have.

If you know a Serviceman or Woman who is either going to or returning from an overseas
assignment or if you have  message to be posted on the marques, leave me a message on
my home phone 734-242-8045.

Looking forward to seeing you at our January 2, 2014 meeting.  (Thursday)

Eddie R. Weaver
Commander's newsletter