November 2014                                                                    NEXT MEETING:  December 3, 2014


November’s meeting went well though we had less than 20 members.  

The charter was draped for Gilbert Lapointe.  

A representative from the men’s auxiliary was at the meeting to talk about lucky 100 and to
invite us to their Christmas party on December 6th.  

We had chili afterwards which everyone seemed to like.  Many thanks to the mule deer and
whitetail which gave up their lives to make it possible.

We did graveside services for Gilbert.   It is sad that he was a life member and a WWII vet
and we only had 8 members show up.  We REALLY need more people on our call list.  Even if
you can’t make all of the funerals you can still be on the list and make some.  Please call me
to get on a list.

The men’s auxiliary refinished the floor in the hall.  It looks absolutely great. Thanks guys!  
They helped us.  Let’s support them by going to their party.

We submitted 2 entries to district for teacher of year.   Christine Mercurie from St. Joseph
school and  Maureen Mazur from Mason Elementary school  are the 2 teachers we entered.

As usual if you know of a serviceman or woman who is coming home or deploying let me
know and we will post their names on the marquee for a few days.

We collected over 30 units of blood on the October 20th blood drive.   Thank you to all that

We had 6 members march in the parade at Luna Pier on November 8th.  The weather was a
little chilly but everything went well.

The district meeting will be December 6 at the Lambertville post.  The meeting will start at
1pm.  It would be nice to have a good turn out from our post.  I know most of you have
never been to a district meeting; this would be a good opportunity.

Our Veteran’s Day Dinner was Saturday, November 8.  We only had 72 people; 21 of them
veterans attend.  To show their appreciation for our service the ladies auxiliary paid for the
dinner of all the veterans.  The dinner and guest speaker both were very good.  We had
food left over which we froze and will have at December’s meeting so please try to attend.

Reminder:  The children’s Christmas party and parade will be December 13th.

Hope to see you December 3rd
Mike Santure: Commander                                                                                                  
(734) 243-1645
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