Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                                                                                                                                September 2017
Greetings Auxiliary Brother and Sisters,

Our September meeting was well attended. I want to thank Sharon Grodi for providing the delicious soup
and sandwiches.  I also want to thank the committee chairmen for giving thorough reports.  Each one
detailed for us what we should be reporting.  For those who did not attend the meeting I can send you a
copy of their reports.  Everyone can report what they do.  If you do not have a computer a list of what you
do can be given to the committee chairmen or myself and we can enter the information for you. We do a lot
more than we think we do.

Both the Department and the National MALTA websites are now
•        Reporting on the Dept. Website: Log in → Report Entry: User name is membership ID#; Password is last
name (ignore sponsorship) → Add Report Data, click on the chairmanship. Enter info. All fields must be
completed even if it is “0”. → Click Submit → Page up to My Reports to view report. → Dept. Chairman
approves. Record disappears. Copy sent by email.

•        Annual Members: You now have the option of paying your dues online via MALTA. Go to the link above.

•        Click on Member Log in → Activate Account → Enter required information → Follow the easy on screen
instructions. A tutorial is available under About Us → Auxiliary Online Academy tab and also on the Dept. →
Membership website.
- Or mail your dues to LuAnne DuVall, PO Box 265 Erie, MI 48133. Check payable VFW Auxiliary #3925.
      - If you have already paid your dues you should be receiving your card in the mail in the next several

•        Life Members: You should be receiving your new thicker member card in the mail in the next month or
so. At that time, you can discard the recent new card. Reminder: It will now cost you $10 to replace your Life
Membership card.

•        RADA Cutlery Fundraiser: Sharon Grodi is collecting orders. They have good quality cutlery and other
merchandise. Contact Sharon (734) 848-4893 for the new catalog and to place an order.

•        Sept 15th thru Nov17th: Fridays 7:00 pm - We'll be having our Lucky 100 potluck and drawing. Each
week someone provides a main meal and others bring a dish to share or make a donation.  A 50/50 drawing
will also take place.  We will be getting out the cards and other games to enjoy. This is a profitable fundraiser
for us.  Help is needed.

•        October 11: Our inspection meeting will be held.  A potluck dinner will be held at 6:15, prior to our
meeting.  Chicken will be provided.  Please bring a dish to share.  Auxiliary and post members are invited to
attend along with significant others.

•        October 28: Halloween Party: The party was discussed.  Another meeting will be held Sept. 29th at
Lucky 100 to finalize plans.  Help is needed. November 11: Veterans Day Dinner.  Doors open at 6, dinner to
follow at 7.   The auxiliary has been asked to provide appetizers.

•        Auxiliary member, Frank Connolly, is said to be improving after suffering a stroke.  He is in Duluth
Minnesota. Get well cards can be sent to St. Luke’s Hospital, 915 E. First St., Duluth, Minnesota 55805.

Did You Know? The Post was instituted July 23, 1944. They were homeless until November 1948 when they
purchased the old Trabbic home at 1944 E Erie Rd. In 1956 strong winds blew off a big part of the roof. It
was decided to tear it down and build a new hall. On September 27, 1958 the Hall Dedication celebration was
held. Later, with the aid of the Aux, they purchased 5 acres in the back. The 1st addition was in 1963 to the
back (North) side. Hence, the birth of the JKF Room. The 2nd was an additional 10’ the length of the East
side in 1972. Hence, the reason for the 2 brick pillars by the stage. After the 2 additions to the building it was
known as “The Great Hall of Erie.” The pole barn was raised in the ‘70s. The roof overhang was added in the
‘90s. In the early 2000s a small bar area was converted to the current table/chair storage room and storage
space in the Backroom was converted to an office. Thanks to the Men’s Aux, since 2010 we have a very nice
pavilion to sit under.
In the original floor plan design there was not to be a kitchen. The plan for the space was to be the club
room. The Ladies just couldn’t live with the idea of not having a kitchen. They argued with Past Commander
Daniel “Doc” Soda until he finally came to his senses and the plans were changed to include the kitchen. The
Aux borrowed money and went in debt to pay for it. To raise money, they catered events for $3.50/plate
and rented out the use of the kitchen for $25. Eventually they purchased linen tablecloths, napkins,
silverware, place settings and candle holders. They did all the washing and ironing themselves!!!
Next Month – Secret Rooms.

I want to thank LuAnne DuVall for the research and writing of the history of our VFW and AUX.

The next meeting will be held October 11. A potluck to be held at 6:15 and Trustees Audit at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Shock, Past District 6 & Auxiliary President                                                                   
734-847-6990 or 734-770-7874