Auxiliary Newsletter
Hello_members,                                                                                                                                           August 2017

Our August meeting was well attended.  I want to thank the membership for helping to support me with my
trip to the National VFW Conference in New Orleans. Very informative conference. Our votes were heard on
many of the new resolutions.  The biggest being, taking the word God out of our ritual.   It was awesome to
hear a resounding NO from a group of 4,000+.   I had the honor of meeting the new National President and
line officers.  Madame President Dee Guillory's theme this year is "Catch the Dream for our Veterans."  The
theme stemming from her husband's native American heritage. The symbol being the dreamcatcher.

Since National and Michigan sites are not available as of yet, the instructions for the reporting process of
reports has been delayed.

We need your help! Many of the upcoming events are in need of bake sale items and your personal
attendance also.
•        Annual Members: If you have paid your dues you haven’t received your card yet because of the
National & Dept. sites are both still down. It will probably be between 4-6 weeks yet. Send dues to LuAnne
DuVall PO Box 265 Erie, MI 48133.

•        Life Members: Even though you just received new cards, National has decided to reissue a stronger
card. Therefore, you will receive another new card in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

•        August 18:  The Post and Auxiliary $300 scholarships drawing will be held 8:00 pm sharp.  Eligibility
includes Post and Auxiliary members, their spouse, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  
Applications are available in the Kennedy Room and Two winners’ names will be drawn.

•        The National Auxiliary Continuing Education $1000 Scholarship application is attached to this email. If
you need a copy please contact me. Eligibility includes Aux members, their spouse and children. Four
scholarships are awarded.

•        August 19:  Auxiliary Golf Outing at the Tamaron. Please contact LuAnne (419) 346-7959 as soon as
possible if you are interested in golfing, being a sponsor or would like to come for just the Dinner only.

•        August 21:  American Red Cross Blood Drive from 1-6. Help is needed for assisting at Auxiliary table,
greeting donators, and serving food.

•        August 26:  District 6 meeting in Lansing at Post 401. Register at 11, lunch at noon, meeting at 1:00.
Bake Sale will be held.

•        September 15 through November 17th.  Lucky 100 will be held.  Join us on those dates for a potluck,
Lucky 100 drawing and a 50/50 raffle.   Each week someone provides the main meal and others bring dishes
to share.  Help is needed.  This fundraiser has proved to be successful.

•        September 17:  The Post’s 5th Annual Car Show, 11am-4pm.  Help is needed. The auxiliary will be
taking care of the food and will have a Bake Sale.  I will be contacting you for bake sale donations.  Please
help, great fundraiser.

•        September 20-24th:  Fall Conference at Boyne Highlands.  Notify me if you'd like to attend.  734-847-
6990 or 734-770-7874.

•        October 11: Our inspection will be held.  More information to follow on the meal for that evening. Help
with a big attendance for the meeting.

•        October 28: Halloween Party.  I will be the go to person for this event. Help needed.  Committee
members needed. This is always a fun event. The band, BOFO has been hired again this year. They said they
have missed us.

•        RADA Cutlery Fundraiser: Sharon Grodi is collecting orders. They have good quality cutlery and other
merchandise. Contact Sharon (734) 848-4893 for the new catalog and to place an order.

•        Happy 100th Birthday wishes to Post Past Commander Bob LaVoy!!!

•        Thoughts and prayers to Cheryl Anderson, Jamie Jablonski, Connie Stubleski, Commander Tom and to
all other members having health issues.

Legislative bills regarding veterans - Michigan:  
Please join the VFW Action Corps. Go to  Go to VFW in D.C. tab, click on Grass Roots
Advocacy.  Then click on Join Action Corps button, "Action Corps sign up now." Fill out the form on your
screen, click submit, click continue.  You will then be receiving VFW Action Corps weekly in your email every

Did You Know? The Post VJ Day was said to be a one of kind in the Nation. In 1946, under Past Commander
Eddie Sulier, the 1st VJ Day parade was held, followed by a free party at the Timber Gardens (aka: Roscoe
Morrin Farms). The “Homecoming” started in 1953-85. The list of 33 Queens is attached. We are so honored
that our Past President, Marji (Cousino) Terry was crowned queen in 1970. In 1976 the Queen was our very
own Joan (Cousino) Close. Pictures of them waving and smiling even made the Monroe Evening News. A
Queens Trophy has been rescued from the barn. Since the Secret Room is the designated place for “I don’t
know where to put this,” the trophy is now displayed in the bottom kitchen cupboard. The crown was last
seen displayed in the backroom Trophy cabinet.
During their VJ Day years, Aux Dusseau members Joe (1st), Dan (5 yrs), Mark and Jim; Red Sulier and John
Conley were all being groomed to be future Men’s Presidents. While their mothers were in charge of the Fish
Pond, Fancy Booth and serving the Hobo Dinner, their fathers (all Post Commanders) were ‘tending to’ the
Beer Shed. It’s quite obvious that Bird Terry got his President & Secretary skills by hanging around the
Queen’s Cake Walk, located “close” to the baton twirlers. Or is it the other way around?
Next Month – The Great Hall of Erie

The next meeting will be held September 13.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Shock, Past District 6 & Auxiliary President                                                                   
734-847-6990 or 734-770-7874

                                                                                VJ Day Queens
                                                                Princesses, Princes & Sweethearts
                                                                                   1953 – 1985

1953 – Sandra Dusseau                                                     1982 – Dana Coleman (American Legion Aux #193)        
1954 – Janet Cousino        (CYO)                                                   Princess: Debbie Lynch
           Princess: Carole Etue                                                          Prince: Ben Smith                                
           Prince: Michael Jacobs                                           1983 – Bonnie Lajiness (Erie Fire Dept)                
1955 – Erica Bruninger                                                                    Princess: Tina Sieg
1956 – Linda VanCise                                                                       Prince: Shane Sieg
1957 – Nancy Raker                                                            1984 – Kelly Bonnell (American Legion Aux #193)
1958 – Sandra Barron                                                                      Princess: Lisa Malosh
1959 – Kathy Reau                                                                           Prince: Mark Anderson
1960 – Judy Baumgartaner                                                1985 – Dawn Gautz
1961 – Diane Grodi (Erie Fire Dept)                                               Princess: Dana Michelle Vandercook
1962 – Daryl Ann Betz (Morrin Pt Fire Dept)                                Prince: Ryan Smith                        
1963 – Jenny Poling (Explorer Scout Post #52)
            Princess: Jolene Petee
1964 – Gayle Petee (Erie Fire Dept)
1965 – Judy Bentley (Explorer Scout Post #52)               Senior Sweet Hearts:
1966 – Jacque Dusseau                                                       1977 – Mildred Dusseau
1967 – Marlene Derbeck (Luna Pier Teen Town)            1980 – Lillian Casper
           Princess: Brenda Stobinski                                      1981 – Dorothy Baumgartner (Erie Elders Club)
1968 – Jan LaPointe (Explorer Scout Post #52)              1982 – Mary Perry
1969 – Denise Vance (Luna Pier Teen Town)                  1983 – Loretta Whitso(WaterTowerPark)                
1970 – Marji Cousino (Erie Fire Dept)                                1984 – Margaret White (Water Tower Park)                
1971 – Sue Knab                                                                   1985 – Pauline Gibson
           Princess: Donna Mary Vandercook                                
           Prince: Ron Conley                                        
1972 – Cherokee Linkes (Explorer Scout Post #52)                        
           Princess: Amy May Conley                                        Buddy Poppy Sweet Heart:
           Prince: Roger Fisher                                                 1976 – Sarah Fay Rich
1973 -  Chris Fisher (McGregor Pipe Band)
           Princess: Melissa Jacobs
           Prince: Donavan McClanathan
1974 – Becky Ann Taylor (American Legion Aux #193)        
1975 – Kim DuVall (Explorer Scout Post #52)                        
           Princess: Sandra Dee Lintz
           Prince: Mike Cousino
1976 – Joan Cousino (Erie Fire Dept)
1977 – Linda Ann Wymer
           Princess: Jody Linty
           Prince: Stephen Cousino
1978 – Terri Germano
1979 – Lori Lajiness
1980 – Beverly Sieg
1981 – April Coleman (American Legion Aux #193)
           Princess: Dawn Carl
           Prince: Todd Miller