Auxiliary Newsletter
                                                    January 2017   

Hello Members,

The weather is definitely playing havoc with our attendance as we were 16 strong
this month.  Remember to reach out to those of our members who are under the
weather or need a ride to the meeting.  

We welcomed three new members.

•        Edward Sulier signed up under his father Edward Sulier, Sr.
•        Richard signed up under his father Edward Sulier, Sr.
•        Dennis Trease signed up under his father Ralph Trease

Key take aways from January’s meeting

•        April’s District Meeting fund-raiser will be a Bake-less Bake Sale held in your
Auxiliary meeting in February.  In place of actual baked goods donate the money you
would have spent.  All proceeds benefit the Scholarship program.  Remember to
count this donation in your quarterly report.

•        Our annual trip to the VA Hospital is fast approaching. Items still needed for
our care packages are razors, fingernail clippers, liquid hand soap, hair & body
wash, hand cream, tooth brush caps/holders, Kleenex, trial size conditioners,
toothbrushes, mouthwash, shaving cream, and deodorant.  Many of these items can
be purchased at the Dollar Tree. Please read the ingredients to ensure they do not
have alcohol in them.  Items can be dropped off at the post.

•        Our auxiliary membership stands at 107.46%.  Way to go team.  This does not
mean we are done.  Each new member helps strengthen our support to the Post.
We still need 9 more new members to reach our goal of earning the National
Achievement Award for our Auxiliary.

•        Lucky 100 will begin January 13th.  Main dish will be meatloaf.  Bring your
favorite side dish to enhance the entree. We’re happy to report the tickets are all
sold out! Come on out Friday nights (except Jan 27th) 7:00 pm Kennedy Rm.

The Post asked us to look at the feasibility of moving our meeting to the first
Thursday of the month.  The thought behind this is to minimize setup and tear down
between meetings, to allow for earlier release of newsletter, and as an energy
saving measure.  With that what impact does this present us in regards to audit
schedule and the impact to other activities.  Please join us in February to provide
input.  If you are unable to attend the meeting and have questions or comments
please contact me.

Important upcoming events:

•        January 27th: Midwinter Conference, Lansing, MI
•        January 27th: Muskrat Dinner
•        February 13th: Blood Drive
•        March 25, 2017 at 1800 – Recognition Dinner (Patriots Pen, Voice of  
    Democracy, and Teacher of the Year)
•        April 29, 2017 – District 6 meeting in Monroe
•        May 20, 2017 – District 6 picnic

Sincerely Darlene Andrzejewski